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Taliban execute Afghan woman in public: police


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Mon Aug 9, 2010 3:25am EDT
Afghanistan (Reuters) - Taliban insurgents publicly executed an Afghan woman for alleged adultery, a police official said on Monday, in a reminder to the era when the militant group ruled Afghanistan.

The 48-year-old widow was given dozens of lashes before being shot dead on Sunday in the remote Qades district, held by the militants in northwestern Badghis province, said Abdul Jabar who serves as a senior officer in the province.

"It happened before the public ... despite that no one has complained, the government will take its own measures about the incident," Jabar told Reuters by phone from Badghis.

The unidentified man who had the alleged affair with the woman had escaped, he said.

When in power from 1996 until 2001, the radical Taliban staged public stonings or lashings of those found to have sex outside marriage. A spokesman for the Taliban. who lead the insurgency against the Afghan government and foreign forces, said he was not aware of the incident and could not comment on it.

If confirmed, Sunday's execution would be the second of a woman by the Taliban since their ouster from power nine years ago. A woman was previously executed for alleged spying for foreign forces.

The judiciary in neighboring Iran last month suspended a sentence of death by stoning for a woman convicted of adultery after an international outcry over the case.
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and the women's libbers continue to remain silent on how women are treated in these places, when son came home from Iraq he said you wouldn't believe the way muslim men treat women and children.

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Not mentioned in the Reuters article, but posted at Weazel Zippers: She was pregnant & it was 200 lashes.


Other things to consider when you think about this situation, is that women are not allowed to travel in public, unless in the company of a male relative. If you are a widow, without any male relatives; what are your prospects for continuing to eat? Depend on the charity of these beasts? It might be why she was pregnant.


Virtuously dead of starvation....or three shots to the head? Demonic choices.


.....and how did the male adulterer manage to escape?

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".....and how did the male adulterer manage to escape?"


Was there really a male involved? Seems to be an accusation used rather freely to eradicate what they may consider a pest.


I wonder if there is an equivalent for the word 'love' in their language?

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