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Black Females Crushed by Unemployment


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Black Females Crushed by Unemployment

July 2010 unemployment numbers show a distressing fact: unemployment among African American women increased to a staggering 12.9%, a statistic which bodes ill for the African American family since females are the primary breadwinners in the African American community. 52% of primary wage earners in the African American community are women (compared with a national average of 39% ), so the effects of unemployment are crushing.

The July unemployment numbers for all categories of African Americans are dangerously high with 16% unemployment overall, and 41% among African American teens. The unemployment rates, for African American women, which last month had seemed to be improving, increased in July.

The great strides made during the Clinton and Bush Administrations, both for reduced unemployment among African Americans and increased African American small business ownership are being eroded. Various reports show African American families becoming increasingly dependent upon government assistance.

Increased dependence upon government subsidies by African Americans has dire, long-term, unintended consequences for all Americans. Congress and Obama seem oblivious to the implications that as large numbers of African Americans remain unemployed in such large numbers, for so long, that they may be creating a new category and class of individuals who are permanently unemployed and permanently in need of government assistance.

Department of Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, has been making the media rounds trying to put a positive spin on July's unemployment numbers, a clear indication that Obama Administration officials have yet to acknowledge that their various job creation policies have failed spectacularly in the African American community. President Obama delivered a lackluster speech at a Washington, DC sign maker's facility, ignoring the dismal jobs report and, instead, painting a rosy picture of his Administration's job creation efforts.snip
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