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Markey: warming skeptics should move to ice island


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Boston Globe:

Massachusetts Congressman Edward Markey has a suggestion for how to use a giant ice island that recently broke off a glacier in Greenland. He says it's plenty big enough for people he calls "global warming deniers" to start their own country.

Scientists say the ice island, which broke off the Petermann Glacier, covers 100 square miles and is four times the size of New York's Manhattan Island. The last time such a large chunk of ice broke into the Arctic was 1962.

Markey, chair of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, said Saturday that scientists agree arctic ice provides clear climate warnings.

He also blamed "Republican climate deniers" in the U.S. Senate for blocking legislation he said would have created clean energy jobs and reduced carbon pollution.

So this piece of ice, similar to one in 1962, broke off from the end of a glacier, where it meets the sea. The glacier appears to be doing quite well if it has shoved 100 sq. miles far enough out to have it finally break off. What are growing glaciers supposed to do when they hit the ocean?
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