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Rangel tells Harlem leader he signed a deal


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Posted by Maggie Haberman 01:05 PM

I'll be posting more on this as I get it, but sources who attended a Harlem district leaders' meeting with Rep. Charles Rangel this morning say he told them that that there had been an agreement with House ethics probers that he had signed.

The meeting, at the offshoot of the famed Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem, was a briefing on Rangel"s campaign, attendees said.

But he talked about the case against him, saying for the first time that there was a deal he had signed.

The implication, as best I can tell, was that the GOP wouldn't sign off on it.

Since several sources have said Rangel didn't want to admit to intentional wrongdoing, which he felt he didn't commit, and also that he didn't want to say he reaped personal gain (which he also didn't believe was the case) I'm guessing that wasn't in there either.

UPDATE: State Assemblyman Keith Wright, the Manhattan Democratic party chairman and a major Rangel backer, also just confirmed that the congressman said there had been a deal that he had signed "with staff recommendations."

"He said that basically the Republicans said no," Wright added.

He said that there wasn't much surprise in the room when he said it, adding that it was fairly well-established.

Wright condemned the ways of Washington, adding "It makes Albany look like Romper Room."
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