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PENTAGON Pentagon Demands WikiLeaks Return Unseen Afghan War Docs


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Fox News:

The Pentagon wants Wikileaks to return the more than 15,000 documents it has but has not yet published, spokesman Geoff Morrell said Thursday.

Morrell said returning the unpublished documents would be the right thing for Wikileaks to do as what's already been made available has created heightened risks around the world, particularly for Afghans who've been helping U.S. forces fight terrorists in Afghanistan.

"We are addressing what we believe to be the culprit here, which is soliciting people to share classified information illegally, and so our focus, this menu that I've announced here today, is on them," he told reporters.

"The demands we are making of them are entirely possible. They have the ability to erase it from their website and to return whatever is in their possession. So this is a very simple demand that could very easily be complied with," Morrell said.

A team of 80 people is working around the clock to review what's in the nearly 100,000 documents already released from the leak site. Morrell said that team -- composed of staff from a variety of Pentagon agencies -- is trying to deduce what's still out there.

"We believe we have some idea on what those 15,000 could be, and are reviewing what we believe to be potentially those 15,000. We do not know for sure if the 15,000 we believe they have and are waiting to post are indeed the same documents that they do indeed have and are waiting to post," he said.
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