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Boehner set to 'listen' to tea party members


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Washington Times:

Sean Lengell

The top House Republican dismissed concerns that his party's cozy relationship with the conservative "tea party" will turn off voters in November, saying it would be wrong to ignore the growing movement.
"We should listen to them, we should work with them and we should walk amongst them," said House Minority Leader John A. Boehner during a Wednesday luncheon with reporters organized by the Christian Science Monitor news service.

The Ohio lawmaker, who said he has attended several tea party events throughout the country, acknowledged the gatherings typically include smatterings of "disaffected Republicans," Democrats and "a couple of anarchists who want to kill all of us in public office."
But "75 percent of these people who show up at these events are the most average, everyday Americans you've ever met," he said. "None of them have ever been involved in the political process, and I would guess half of them have never voted."
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shoutValin! Thanks for the post!


As I remember old-style politics, you brought your candidate to the table & fought as hard as you could, until the front runner emerged, at which point you & your candidate fought to have as many as possible of your ideas, incorporated into the "party planks."


You expected, going in, that your guy might not make it, but traded your final votes for favor, in exchange for unity. We need to have unselfish behavior to maximize the defeat of the progressives.

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