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Biden: 'Republicans Don't Believe in Science'


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Washington Examiner:

Biden: ‘Republicans don’t believe in science’
Online Opinion Editor
07/01/10 2:00 PM EDT
Joe Biden today shows off once again the Left’s extreme and unjustified conceit on the issue of science:

“Republicans don’t believe in science. Look at the previous eight years and how much investment went into science and technology,” he continued, referring to the George W. Bush administration.

This comes from an administration that lied about scientific support for its deepwater drilling moratorium, then, after being forced to apologize, lied about it again in court.

From an administration whose new Supreme Court nominee pushed a group of doctors to change their views of medical fact for political reasons.

From an administration that early on changed Atlantic Ocean fishing rules, admittedly not based on any new science, but on political considerations.

From an administration which, at great cost to taxpayers, has killed the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage site even though it has been repeatedly scientifically determined to be safe — all just to save Sen. Harry Reid’s career.

From an administration that uses science as an excuse to reward Washington’s most powerful lobbying operations with taxpayer money, regardless of whether their enterprises hold forth any hope of future utility (think embryonic stem-cells, whose private investors remain scarce).

And let’s not forget President Obama’s anti-scientific views on whether infants born prematurely after surviving abortions are “persons.”

And for crying out loud, if we’re going to talk about federal money invested in science and technology, President George W. Bush was a spendthrift to the point of frustration. Remember the hydrogen car ($1.2 billion in research funding)? Clean coal technology ($2.5 billion)? Cellulosic ethanol ($3.6 billion)?

Our grandchildren will be paying for Bush’s science-research-corporate welfare. Our great-grandchildren will be paying for Obama’s science-research corporate welfare.
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