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Lawmakers Threaten Turkey with Reprisals Over Israel


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Fox News:

Turkey is a member of NATO and a long-term ally of the United States.

But you’d never know it to hear the contempt some members of Congress now have for Turkey after Israel intercepted a flotilla bound for Gaza and shot pro-Palestinian, Turkish activists on board.

“As far as I am concerned, Turkey is responsible for the nine deaths on that flotilla. Not Israel,” said Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-NV). “I draw a line that they have just crossed.”

“I think because Turkey is a NATO ally, it’s even more disgraceful,” said Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY).

Then a threat, from the third-ranking Republican in the House, GOP Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-IN).

“There will be a cost if Turkey stays on its current heading,” Pence warned. “Turkey needs to count the cost.”

“The cost” Pence speaks of is a resolution that’s offered almost annually in the House to recognize the Armenian genocide. The non-binding measure notes how the Ottoman Empire (which controlled much of what is now Turkey) massacred the Armenian population in 1915.

Turkey has always opposed the bill. But Pence and others hinted they might consider changing their vote if the legislation surfaces again.

But the reprisals just don’t stop at the House floor.

Berkley noted that she has met with representatives of the Turkish government for years. But she is changing that stance after recent events. The Nevada Democrat says she got a call from a PR firm that’s working with Turkey after the flotilla incident.

“Turkey is on a charm offensive this week,” Berkley said. “They will not be welcome in my office until I see a change in policy.”

Some of the lawmakers fretted about what they viewed as a “turn” from Turkey away from Europe and to focus more on Iran and other nations.

“This is a clear effort to distance Turkey from the west,” said Rep. Pete King (R-NY).

Engel also expressed concern about recent political leanings in the Turkish government.

“It has a strong Islamic bent,” said Engel.

Berkley argued the European Union should stop courting Turkey as a potential member.

“They don’t deserve the recognition and don’t deserve to be part of the EU,” she said.

As an "Ally", Turkey sure seems more interested in supporting those that aren't.
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I blame this on that pesky Democracy. Theirs and ours.


Theirs: See, we liked them as a Democracy, and because the country, Turkey, was actually run by the Turkish Army, this softened their image. We liked them secular...the Army said,"We're secular."-end of problem. Except for the religion thingy. The population is Islamic, their democratically elected, popular prime minister is "religious" & a "man of the people," like all politicians. The Turkish Army doesn't like this one bit, by the way.


Ours: Face it...our President, if NOT A MUSLIM; has Muslim sympathies. We have separation of powers, and even though Congress makes treaties, the President & his administration make foreign policy. By showing no support for the Iranian Democracy movement, Obama told Iranians....uh, we're going with the Mullahs. By his Islamic speeches, $400 million dollar Gaza gift, bowing to Islams potentate's; he's given carte blanche to countries like Islamic Turkey. Our Congress has numerous members, that each speak their own mind, and sometimes the mind of their constituents. They can posture & punish, but this august Democratic body, will never come to any firm agreement on Turkey; that will have any power, or be able to override a Presidential veto.....until 2010 changes Congress & 2012 changes President's.

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