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A Doctor Told the Truth. Then the Feds Showed Up at His Door. Plus. . .


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The Free Press/Front Page

Bipartisan grift reaches new heights. The former Russian official calling for a coup against Putin. The real-life ‘Zone of Interest.’ And much more.

Oliver Wiseman

June 11, 2024

On today’s Front Page from The Free Press: Our next book club. The bipartisan grift is alive and well. Welcome to “Flop Girl Summer.” And more. 

But first, our lead story. 

Around the world, the tide of “gender-affirming care” for minors is receding. Consider these recent developments:

  • This April, London’s Tavistock clinic—once the largest youth gender clinic in the world—was shuttered after the Cass Review revealed gender treatment for minors had privileged ideology over science in England’s NHS. 

  • In Sweden—where legal gender reassignment was first pioneered—the National Board of Health and Welfare last year rolled back hormone therapy for minors except in “very rare cases.” 

  • In France, the National Academy of Medicine now advises “great medical caution” on the subject, citing concerns about overdiagnosis and rising rates of adult detransition.

  • Finland’s authorities placed major restrictions on gender transition care after a study that justified their practices did not stand up to scrutiny

The reversals in Europe have been controversial, of course. Look no further than the hounding of J.K. Rowling for evidence of that. 

But 25 states in the U.S. have followed suit, passing legislation to limit the use of puberty blockers and other gender-related treatments for minors. And yet the debate continues to rage in America, with whistleblowers taking flak for exposing the dangers of gender-affirming care. Tamara Pietzke, a psychologist in Tacoma, Washington, lost her job after she wrote a piece in these pages, arguing that the practice has gone too far.

Now Dr. Eithan Haim, a surgeon in Texas, is also facing blowback for speaking out. The Free Press’s Emily Yoffe reports:


A Doctor Told the Truth. The Feds Showed Up at His Door.



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