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Writers for SNL and Other Shows Now Working With a Pro-Biden PAC to Create Propaganda Aimed at Young Voters


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The Gateway Pundit

Saturday Night Live used to be a comedy show for the whole country but like everything else in entertainment, has been taken over by the far left.

In recent years, the show has avoided making fun of Joe Biden because they’re terrified of doing anything that could be perceived as helping Trump.

They have acted like an arm of the Democrat party, but now they’re really becoming just that. Writers from the show, and other programs are working with a pro-Biden PAC to help create messaging (propaganda) aimed at young voters.

‘SNL’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ Writers Pitch Ads to Help Biden Reach Gen Z, Young Millennials

Hollywood creatives, including writers from “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks and Recreation,” have been meeting monthly for at least half a year to pitch ideas to Won’t PAC Down, a new super PAC that’s attempting to improve President Joe Biden’s relationship with young voters, Politico reported Sunday. The super PAC has brought on “millennial and Gen Z writers, directors and producers to help craft pro-Biden content that’s specifically engineered to sell an octogenarian candidate to typically disillusioned and hard-to-reach voters under 30.”

The first ads, all written for and by millennials and Gen Z, are expected to hit social media and the news media in July. Travis Helwig, a former head writer for Crooked Media, heads the writer room and emphasized to Politico that the organization does not intend to over-use celebrity endorsements as part of its strategy.

“There’s a big difference between putting a celebrity on camera and having them say, ‘if you liked me in ‘Madame Web,’ then you’re going to love voting,’ versus what we’re doing,” he explained. “We’re taking the best young writers and directors, who are the age and demographics of the people we’re targeting, using poll-tested messaging, and shaping it in a way that will resonate with young people and get them excited.”


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Writers for SNL and Other Shows Now Working With a Pro-Biden PAC to Create Propaganda Aimed at Young Voters

That is like The Dick Van Dyke show And Soul Train are creating ads for the Michael Dukakis campaign.


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Jun 13, 2024 #foxnews #hannity

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the administration is assuming young Americans are 'simple-minded' on 'Hannity.'

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