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The Rise of the ‘Never Bidens’


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The Free Press

Donors who once worried more about Donald Trump now see the president’s bid for a second term as the greater threat to America.

Eli Lake

May 14, 2024

Joe Biden’s threat last week to freeze arms shipments to Israel along with reports that his administration is withholding intelligence about Hamas leaders’ whereabouts has reverberated throughout U.S. politics. Now, some Never Trump donors say the Biden administration’s policy toward the Jewish state is such a betrayal they’re considering jumping on board the Trump train. 

Call it the rise of the Never Bidens, donors who once were more worried about Trump but now see Joe Biden’s bid for a second term the greater threat to America. The Free Press spoke with four donors who contributed tens of millions of dollars in the last election cycle. They say they are reconsidering their political giving in light of the president’s approach to the Israel-Hamas war. All of them expressed their frustration with Biden’s CNN interview last Wednesday, in which he said of Israel, “if they go into Rafah, I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah.” 

Cliff Asness, a Republican donor who says he “spent well over seven figures” to support Trump’s primary opponent Nikki Haley, told The Free Press that “My ‘Never Again’ is trumping my ‘Never Trump’ these days.” 



I'm wondering if The Weapons Embargo is That One Step To Far for many? I mean you look at Crime, The Border, The Economy, etc. IMO Since Jan. 20 2021 it has all gotten worse..much worse.

Now for the 1st time I'm seeing people ask out loud Is Joe Biden Really In Charge? Or is this the 3rd Obama term? I see people (Mainly on he Right, That's My World) saying it out loud as a matter of course, it is assumed. I've been following politics since Nixon v Kennedy This s the 1st time I've seen this.


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