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EXCLUSIVE: Mother says daughter was attacked at school because ‘she wasn’t Muslim’


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Alpha News

Savage police are investigating.
Liz Collin
May 13, 2024

A Minnesota mom is demanding answers after she says her nine-year-old daughter was jumped on the school playground by a group of girls who she was told targeted her daughter because “she wasn’t Muslim.”

Shawna Larson told Liz Collin Reports about the disturbing details of the attack that she says took place on Monday, April 29 at Hidden Valley Elementary in Savage.


“The sad thing is this isn’t just happening to my daughter. This is happening to hundreds, thousands of kids all over the country and it’s the lack of consequences kids have nowadays to their actions that is creating bigger issues in schools,” Larson said.

Larson also believes the circumstances would be different if it were Christian students who attacked a Muslim student at an elementary school.

“This would be all over national news. You know, and it shouldn’t be that way. Our children shouldn’t even be in the media for stuff like this in the first place,” she said. “The same outrage should be there for every child because no child should be attacked on a playground and made to feel unsafe at school because her attackers are still there.”


May 14, 2024

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Just Checked  Google and Google News. According to the Corporate Media This didn't happen.

Also Given they were friends before I would be interested in Where They Got These Ideas?

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Violent incidents involving schools, teens continue to plague the metro

The Armstrong High School incident is just the latest in a string of fights or violent incidents involving teens in or around schools and community events.
Crime Watch MN
May 16, 2024


Just this month:

Incidents in April included a third-grader allegedly being assaulted by a group over her religious beliefs; Richfield Middle School was evacuated following a fight and deployment of a fire extinguisher in the building; a Burnsville student was charged after being found with a gun; and chaos erupted at Mall of America on the Muslim Eid holiday.

Earlier incidents include mayhem by teens at Roseville High School and area businesses following a Black Student Union event; a police officer was injured at Fridley High School trying to break up a fight; a white student was attacked at Savage Middle School; a melee was captured on video at the Target Center during the high school basketball tournament; there was a stabbing or injury to a student at Minnetonka High School following an altercation between two students; there was a large brawl involving parents and students following a middle school basketball game in Minneapolis; and a mother and daughter were charged with “bias” crimes following an assault and “racially motivated” incident at St. Louis Park High School in January.

Additionally, there have recently been several violent robberies and other violent incidents in Dinkytown and areas surrounding the University of Minnesota campus believed to be spurred by teens.


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Behind The paywall

The School System Is Plagued By Violence And Chaos — And They’re Cooking The Stats To Keep It A Secret
Matt Walsh
May 16, 2024

There’s an inconvenient paradox that, at one point or another, every social justice scholar has to wrestle with. And that paradox is this: Even as the entire country forcibly implements every single one of their wish-list items — no matter how extreme or untethered from reality — the result is that people’s lives get objectively worse. And I’m not just talking about a little worse. Pretty much everyone’s life gets measurably worse, by a lot.

If you have a child in a public school system, you know that students have suffered in particular. But you may not realize how stark the decline has been, because no one’s really reported on the specific numbers. A couple of years ago, the Department of Education took a look at serious incidents occurring in public schools in the 2009-2010 school year. Then they compared that data with the number of serious incidents that occurred a decade later, in the 2019-2020 school year (which was mostly pre-pandemic). 

This is what’s known in the statistics biz as a “longitudinal” analysis — and if there’s one thing Leftists hate, it’s longitudinal analysis. You’re not supposed to think about the past because, if you do that, you might realize it was a lot better than the current progressive experiment we’re all living through.

And as the Department of Education found, that’s especially true in schools. The percentage of public schools reporting “widespread disorder in the classroom” at least once per week, increased by more than 60% from 2009 to 2019. I’ll say that again. Rates of “widespread disorder in the classroom” jumped by more than 60% in a decade. Meanwhile, the percentage of public schools reporting “student verbal abuse of teachers” at least once per week, as well as “cyberbullying,” increased by more than 100%. “Racial and ethnic tensions” among students increased by more than 30%.


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Schools have become far more violent, unruly, and chaotic over the past decade. But the system has found ways to cook the stats and hide how bad it’s actually gotten. Today, that plot will be exposed.

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