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Thoughts from the ammo line (Susan Vass Whupass edition)


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

May 10 2024

BRIDESMAIDS OF HAMAS — not better than brides. Ammo Grrrll writes:

Some years ago in the U.K. a 15-year-old ninny decided to run to Syria to become a “Bride of ISIS.” When the reality of that life sank in, of course she demanded to be let BACK IN to the U.K. She even claimed she would be a force to fight terrorism if allowed to come home. By some miracle, her appeal was denied.

Looking at the Campus Islamofascists shrieking and threatening Jewish students, one is struck dumb that even after the savagery of 10/7, a large majority are women. At least the ones the brave jihadist creeps put out front as a barrier between themselves and possible trouble. They are used to that because, back in Gaza, they put weapons of war and Hamas soldiers under mosques, schools, and hospitals, the better to use women and children as human shields.

But why would American women fall for their propaganda and sign up to be a Hamas Handmaiden?

I have some ideas. The ugly women forming the avant garde of the paid professional Jew-haters and rape-supporters could not even hope to become a BRIDE of Hamas. Bridesmaid is about the highest they could aim for. (Possibly an Usher of Hamas: “Sunni or Shiite?” “Friends of the useful idiot or the groom?” “Tunnel or above ground?”)


Terrorism is illegal in this country or was until Joe Biden and his minions got in power. These campus terrorists are not peaceful protesters. Arrest all the miscreants and sort them out later: Deport all the foreigners; expel all the legitimate campus residents – I can’t bring myself to call them “students” because they truly know nothing – and arrest the professional hired disrupters along with Soros and a myriad of other Biden donors on a RICO charge for funding terrorism.

Good Lord, is it NOVEMBER yet? Trump cannot win soon enough. And win he will. Even cretins like Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders know it and are panicking. Am Yisrael Chai! And thank God for fraternity boys. And the South. Live long and prosper, all y’all.


An English translation (with subtitles) of "Am Yisrael Chai" (The Nation of Israel Lives) by Eyal Golan. The song was released on October 19, 2023 in the midst of Operation Swords of Iron, and remained the #1 song in Israel for several weeks.

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