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Trump impeached for what Biden is doing


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Las Vegas Review

Five years ago, Joe Biden called for his own impeachment. He didn’t realize it at the time.

On Wednesday night, Biden said the United States wouldn’t supply Israel with bombs and other offensive weapons if it goes into Rafah. That’s the city where the remaining Hamas brigades are hiding. As I write, Israel looks poised to begin its ground invasion of the city.


If Israel goes “into Rafah, I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with” cities such as Rafah, Biden said. He specified that he would withhold offensive “weapons and artillery shells.” Biden has already paused shipments of heavy bombs to Israel.


That sound you hear is Hamas cheering. Biden is backstabbing Israel, our steadfast ally in the region. He’s trying to pressure Israel to not wipe out a terror group that murdered around 1,200 Israelis less than a year ago. He’s decreasing the chances that any remaining hostages are returned alive, a group that includes five Americans. He’s betraying his past promises.

“We are going to make sure you have what you need to protect your people, to defend your nation,” Biden said in October. “For decades, we’ve ensured Israel’s qualitative military edge.” He added, “The United States isn’t going anywhere either. We’re going to stand with you.”


So much for that. Making Israel look weak increases the likelihood of a regional conflict. Israel must invade Rafah. But it still faces a threat from Hezbollah on its northern border. Iran, the terrorist puppet master, still seeks its destruction. Israel’s strength, not diplomacy, keeps its enemies at bay.

Biden is a moral coward and a geopolitical imbecile whose dementia grows increasingly obvious. He can’t even read off his teleprompter correctly or walk confidently across the lawn.


But there’s something else. By his own standard, Biden is committing an impeachable offense. He wants Israel to do him a favor — not invade Rafah — for domestic political reasons. He’s trying to appease Muslim voters in Michigan. If he loses there, he likely loses re-election:snip:

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We can always count on The House to do something stupid AND meaningless, At he Same Time. They must give classes on this for new Congresspersons.

Ever ask yourself WHY? Why No President has ever been Impeached & Removed?

BTW Impeachment without Removal is worthless, practically speaking. It really hurt Bill Clinton & Donald Trump.

Unless there is 70-80% of Voters saying This person has Got To Go, it would be political Mutual Assured Destruction. If one party Impeaches AND Removes the President of the other party, As soon as possible the same would happen. THAT is why people need to stop mentioning this. It Would be the end of The Republic. It's not like there have not been Bad/Corrupt Presidents/Administrations before.
"You're not dumping this crap on us"
Bob Dole
There's a good reason Why He Said That. And You might look at what happened in the next election cycle.


How About we put a prohibition on use of the term "Impeach The President" for the next 50(?) wears?

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54 minutes ago, Valin said:


We can always count on The House to do something stupid AND meaningless,

You mean like the article I posted a few days ago about 30 investigations and NO results and the country being in chaos and spending their time back biting and and and and

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