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Will ‘The Line’ Project in Saudi Arabia Clear Out Tribal Populations?


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PJ Media

Are there any old sci-fi fans in the house? I'm not just talking about the Golden Age of SF or the old recordings of X Minus One, although those are not to be missed. I'm thinking of something more contemporary. Who remembers "Logan's Run?" 

For those who have never seen the movie or may need a refresher, "Logan's Run" takes place in the 23rd century. Everyone lives in a domed city, where all needs and desires are fulfilled. It is a veritable utopia with just one catch: no one is allowed to live past the age of 30. Once one hits 30, one is expected to report to a place called Carousel, in order to "renew." Incidentally, "renewing" means getting vaporized. 

This "City of Domes," as it was called in the TV adaptation, was what I envisioned when I first heard about "The Line." The Line, according to the website, will be the future of urban living, sort of like Disney's original EPCOT concept, only better. 

It will tower over the Saudi Arabian desert. It will be “A cognitive city stretching across 170 kilometers, from the epic mountains of NEOM across inspirational desert valleys to the beautiful Red Sea. A mirrored architectural masterpiece towering 500 meters above sea level, but a land-saving 200 meters wide. THE LINE redefines the concept of urban development and what cities of the future will look like.”

It will house 9 million people but only have a footprint of 34 square kilometers. Powered by 100% renewable resources, residents will enjoy a perfect climate year-round, with everything within a five-minute walk or high-speed rail. If The Line turns out to be anything like the artist's renderings, it will be glorious.:snip:

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