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Dave Rubin On The Direction of the Republican Party, 2024 Election, and America's Future


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Peter Boghossian Substack

Dave Rubin and Peter Boghossian sit down at Dave's studio in Miami, FL to discuss the Trump-Biden runoff, Critical Social Justice Ideology, and the current state of the country. Dave shares his thoughts on the Trump-Biden runoff, why homelessness is not prevalent in Florida, and the breakdown of law and order in Democrat-run cities. He also discuss the Republican Party's shortcomings on messaging around abortion and elections.

00:00 Intro

1:20 Culture War

6:45 Trump/Biden runoff

12:43 Homelessness problem

16:06 Republican Party Direction

20:00 Why homelessness isn't addressed by politicians

34:45 Guns reducing crime

41:10 Solving issues moving forward

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