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It’s No Longer Cool To Be A Democrat


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The signs are everywhere. The nation’s youth are waking up to the fact that the Democratic left – with its preening, humorless self-righteousness, its relentless judgmentalism, its mask-wearing Hamas-cheering campus-trashing college crybabies, its hypocritical pampered elites, and its octogenarian president who thinks he can buy young people off with abortions, dope, and bailouts – is totally uncool.

It’s about time. Now we just need a national anti-smoking-like campaign to sustain it.

There are so many recent moments showing this shift in attitude that it’s hard to narrow down the list. But here’s a sampling:

  • A CNN poll found that 51% of 18-34-year-olds say they will vote for Donald Trump in November, compared with just 40% who say they will vote for Biden. That’s a stunning turnaround from four years ago.
  • James Carville, that pugilistic former Clinton adviser posted a video in which he says: “It’s horrifying our numbers among younger voters, particularly younger blacks, younger Latinos … younger people of color. Particularly males. We’re not shedding them, they’re leaving in droves.” He later proceeded to mock these same voters, collectively calling those who won’t show up to vote Democratic “you little fu***ing 26-year-old.”
  • New York Times correspondent Jennifer Medina says that the reason many young Latinos are leaving the Democratic plantation is that, while “many of these voters are the children of lifelong Democrats. They find Trump’s anti-establishment energy subversive and appealing.”
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THE question is will it be enough to keep Grand Pa (or whoever the nominee is) out of The White House? How many will just Stay Home? *And then there is the Howard Beale wing of the party that will turn these people off to voting GOP, with their get me on camera antics.


Jan 19, 2024

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on Republicans in the House of Representatives attacking each other for being unable to govern as Democrats continue to go on the offense.


Ok Ok he's Had Left,  BUT get ready to see more of this

Last Month republicans cannot govern

If the Dems win in Nov.


A Lot of the blame can be placed right Here

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