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Alex Soros Attends McCain Institute Sedona Forum to Stop Trump in 2024


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Arizona SunTimes

Alex Soros, the son of Hungarian-American financier George Soros, confirmed in a Tuesday posts to social media that he attended the 2024 Sedona Forum held by the McCain Institute in Arizona and discussed former President Donald Trump with at least one high profile attendee.

The theme the McCain Institute chose for the 2024 Sedona Forum was “Securing Our Insecure World,” and a website for the event claims speakers and attendees “examined the greatest challenges to democracy, human rights, and global security,” while panel topics included “challenges posed to by autocracies to the international order and U.S. values and interests.”

Additionally described as a “high-level gathering of national and international leaders,” the event is held annually in Sedona, Arizona by the McCain Institute, which was “inspired by Senator John McCain” and “part of Arizona State University” while “based in Washington, D.C.” The institute claims its “programs defend democracy, advance human rights, and empower character-driven leaders.”

Though not listed as a speaker or honored guest on the McCain Institute website, Alex Soros confirmed his attendance and directly suggested attendees discussed the prospects of Trump’s reelection in a post to the social media platform X.

“McCain Institute in Sedona this weekend and was glad to get time to catch up with Senator [Kelly] in his home state,” wrote Alex Soros.:snip:


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