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Republican Chances of Taking Senate From Democrats in 2024


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The Republican Party is strongly favored to take back control of the Senate in November according to the odds offered by a leading bookmaker.

On May 2, UK based bookie Betfair had odds of the election resulting in GOP Senate control at 2/5 (71.4 percent) against 2/1 (33.3 percent) for the Democrats retaining control of the upper chamber. The odds come six-months out from the key elections that will determine control of the White House, Senate and House on November 5.

There are currently 51 Senators who are aligned with the Democrats in the Senate, including three independents, against 49 Republicans, giving a wafer-thin majority. The GOP is hoping to win back control after failing to do so in November 2022, when an anticipated 'red wave' failed to materialize leading to the Republicans actually losing a seat.

For the presidential race Betfair also had former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate, narrowly ahead of President Joe Biden. The incumbent was given odds of 7/5 (41.7 percent) against 6/5 (46.2 percent) for his GOP challenger.:snip:

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