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Universities Made Oppression ‘Scholars’ Their Presidents. Now Students Feel Oppressed.


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The Daily Wire

Top university posts held by academics responsible for papers such as 'Oppression: The Fundamental Injustice of Social Institutions' and 'Racelighting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Education'"
Luke Rosiak
May 3, 2024 


Hunt made his career opining on purported police brutality and racism in the aftermath of riots triggered by purported police brutality against Rodney King, writing a book called “Screening the Los Angeles ‘Riots’: Race, Seeing, and Resistance.” The titles of his academic papers, below, give an idea of his area of expertise:

  • Reclaiming UCLA (lamenting that “a county that is 9.8% African American — now has a lower percentage of black freshman than either crosstown rival USC or UC Berkeley”)
  • Channeling Blackness: Studies on Television and Race in America
  • Birth of a Nation’hood: Gaze, Script, and Spectacle in the O.J. Simpson Case

And at Sacramento State, President Luke Wood went back on a threat to remove an anti-Israel encampment, instead allowing them to remain “indefinitely.” Wood has made his career writing about student activism and the oppression of blacks, authoring the book “The Sources of American Student Activism” and papers such as:

  • Political Consciousness and Student Activism
  • Racelighting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Education
  • Treat Them Like Human Beings: Black Children’s Experiences With Racial Microaggressions in Early Childhood Education During COVID-19
  • I Love My Hair: The Weaponizing of Black Girls Hair by Educations in Early Childhood Educations
  • Black Men in Higher Education

The review suggests that the unrest on college campuses is not the result of a subversive faction, but rather one in line with the ideology of those installed at the highest ranks of the institutions. The papers, focused heavily on social sciences, also raise questions about the real-world value of work conducted at even the highest levels of academia.


The university’s president, Ann Cudd, made her career off of lamenting oppression, publishing papers such as one simply titled “Oppression,” which cites Karl Marx, and another titled “Sporting Metaphors: Competition and the Ethos of Capitalism,” which explains that “whole subcultures live among us that avoid sports or capitalism, such as academics.” Her other papers include:

  • Analyzing Oppression
  • How to Explain Oppression
  • Oppression: The Fundamental Injustice of Social Institutions
  • Psychological Harms of Oppression
  • Psychological Mechanisms of Oppression
  • “Merit” In University Admissions
  • Feminist Philosophy’s Dependence on the Facts
  • Strikes, Housework, and the Moral Obligation to ResistanceAgainst Capitalism As Theory And As Reality
  • Feminist Morality: Transforming Culture, Society, and Politics
  • Missionary Positions
  • Harassment, Bias, and the Evolving Politics of Free Speech on Campus



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