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List of 'new Ivy League' colleges released as legacy schools lose luster


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Fox Business

As anti-Israel protests that began on Ivy League campuses continue to rage across the U.S., Forbes has released a new list of the top schools beyond those with the once-coveted distinction.

In a report this week, Forbes declared that "something feels distinctly off on Ivy League campuses" and has for years, noting the traditional elite institutions are seeing their reputations increasingly tarnished by anti-Israel agitators.


The publication, known for tracking the net worth of the world's wealthiest people, unveiled what it called the "New Ivies."

After disqualifying the eight original Ivy League schools – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Penn, Columbia, Dartmouth and Cornell – along with "Ivy-plus" schools Stanford, MIT, Duke and the University of Chicago, Forbes used several data points like standardized test scores and surveys of hiring managers to determine the top public and private institutions in the country to replace the legacies.:snip:

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