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Universities Were Always Extreme


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Gatestone Institute

Daniel Greenfield
April 30, 2024

The Nazi cheers of "Sieg Heil" didn't start out in Munich, but in Massachusetts.

The Nazi chant was borrowed from Harvard football cheers and imported to Germany by Ernst "Putzy" Hanfstaengl, a Harvard man in good standing who befriended Hitler and helped build a more respectable brand for the National Socialists.

"Putzy" was one of a number of Ivy League elites who were enchanted by the Third Reich.

Socialism forcefully implemented by great men, whether it was FDR, Mussolini, Stalin or Hitler, was the great obsession of America elites of the era who were convinced that it was the only answer to the chaos of capitalism and the hurly burly of democracy and technology.

Columbia University, whose Hamas occupation fills the front pages of every newspaper in the country while driving Jewish students off campus, has changed little in some ways. A hundred years ago, Columbia University President Nicholas Murray Butler was laboring to keep Jewish students out while celebrating Mussolini's fascism. Butler's admiration for fascism was common among university presidents, leaders of society and even in the FDR administration.

Not just remastered football cheers, but eugenics, another obsession of Ivy League elites, made its way over to Germany where it was implemented in a far deadlier fashion, not only against Jews, but against German disabled and others deemed to be "life unworthy of life" in keeping with the ideology whose adherents included Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

Peeling back the layers of the dominant ideologies that Ivy Leaguers hold today leads to National Socialist or Communist ideologies. The Ivy League elites who were environmentalists, socialists, globalists and population control advocates a century ago were strongly influenced by these totalitarian ideologies that called for tyranny and mass murder.

They weren't liberals then and they're not liberals now.



Something I've been saying on other sites. The National Socialists didn't invent/make this up. Hegel leads to Darwin leads to Eugenics leads to The Camps Kill or work to death.  A..B..C..D. When the Nazis wrote the Nuremberg Laws, they used the Jim Crow Laws as a model. Concentration Camps, Thanks to The British in  the Boar War. Extermination...See Ataturk. National (& International) Socialism was on the cutting edge of social/political thought. They just implemented it as efficiently as they could.

BTW except for the Gas Chambers/Ovens the  USSR did the same. "Lenin Wrote The Manual Stalin Followed it." Bill Whittle.


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