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Essay #4: Antisemitism is the Devil's Flagpole


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The New Jerusalem Substack

There’s One Jew They Hate Most of All
Andrew Klavan
Apr 29, 2024

One of my favorite Hollywood stories comes from Scott Eyman’s biography John Wayne: The Life and Legend.

When Wayne was lying on his death bed, a group of friends came to visit him. One friend, named Al, was Jewish. Knowing the Duke was forever being accused of bigotry, Wayne’s son joked, “The reason Duke didn’t want to see you was because Al is a Jew.”

The ailing Wayne smiled and pointed at the ceiling. “It’s the other Jew I don’t want to see,” he said.

As the saying goes: It’s funny because it’s true.


Antisemitism is the Devil’s Flagpole. It always marks the place where evil dwells. It adheres to no one political party, no particular race or nation. But wherever and whenever it appears, it is a signal that something is going very badly wrong in that place and time.

There’s a simple reason this is true. The antisemites think they hate the Jew in front of them, but it’s that other Jew they really hate.

Because the soul of the West was indelibly shaped by Christianity, the God of the West is the Jewish God, the God of Abraham made incarnate in Jesus Christ. Western ideas about God — that he made both men and women in his image, that he identifies with the least among us, that his personality is centered on forgiveness and love — these ideas were all gifts of I AM to his Chosen People. So too were the laws carved on the stones of Sinai and etched over slow centuries into the animate substance of the Jewish heart. Ultimately, the ideas underpinning these laws became the ideas of everyone who followed Jesus Christ.


Today, we are living through another recession of Christian faith — though I suspect that tide is already turning. But in the moment, it does not surprise me that Jewish Americans must walk in fear on left-wing campuses, and suffer taunts and slurs from far right-wing posters on X. The left has turned from Christian charity to a perverse, racist, unforgiving funhouse reflection, which they call Woke. The far right has abandoned Christ’s preachments of love for a graceless Pharisaical orthodoxy about as Christian as burning a cross on a man’s lawn. The left chants genocidal slogans against Israel. The far right tweets “Christ is King!” at Jewish users with a venom that shows they mean the very opposite.

Left and right, they are giving themselves away. It is not Israel they hate. It is not the Jews they hate.

It is that other Jew — incarnate in Jesus Christ — whom they are desperately trying to expel from their sinful hearts and minds.


1st they come For The Saturday then The Sunday People.

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