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Shock and Awe on the Campaign Trail - Roger Kimball


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American Greatness

I would wager that a million or more words have been written about the trials and tribulations—but especially the trials—of Donald Trump. I have written quite a few myself, here at American Greatness and elsewhere.

Some stories from the left are of the gleefully salivating variety. “Goodie! The Bad Orange Man is Getting His and Might Even go to Jail.  Hallelujah!”

But it is my impression that more and more commentary has a worried, if not an out-and-out tone of alarm.  Former Attorney General William Barr is no fan of Donald Trump. But he recently announced that he was endorsing Trump because the likely alternative—Joe Biden—was so much worse.


I suspect that, with the passage of time, that endorsement will be seen to mark a turning point in l’affaire Trump. If even an anti-Trump figure like Bill Barr has lined up behind the former president, a rearrangement of the stars is underway.

Note well: The primary fulcrum of this change is not an assessment of the relative merits of Trump vs. Biden.  Rather, it’s a reaction against the perversion of the DOJ and the coercive power of the state under Biden.  Trump is the most obvious victim. But any opponent of the regime is a potential target.

Shock and Awe” is the popular phrase military folks use to describe a strategy of using “spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy their will to fight.”

That is a good description of what the Biden administration is attempting to do to Donald Trump.  Thanks to the incisive reporting of Julie KellyMike Davis, and others, we now know that there was extensive co-ordination between the Biden White House and the myriad prosecutors, attorneys general, FBI agents, and other official factota to formulate a strategy to indict, intimidate, and neutralize Trump as a political actor.:snip:

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