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DATA: Majority Support Trump’s Mass Deportation Policy.


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National Pulse

A majority of Americans — as well as four in 10 Democrats, Latinos, and blacks and over a third of Gen Z — support the mass deportation of illegal aliens, a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll for Axios revealed. The striking admission by the pro-mass migration Axios lays bare a growing shift in public opinion regarding immigration and indicates widespread support for the strict policies of former President Donald Trump.

The poll revealed that 51 percent of the general public supports mass deportations of illegal aliens. Although Axios did not disclose the poll’s comprehensive data, denying the public insight into the precise extent of support for mass deportations, the results they did publish suggest significant support for mass deportation across every major American demographic.

Among white Americans, support for mass deportations of illegals is at 56 percent. Forty percent of blacks favor mass deportations, as do nearly half of Latinos — 45 percent. The poll also found that 68 percent of Republicans support mass deportations of illegals, as do 46 percent of independents and 42 percent of Democrats.

Significant support for mass deportations of illegal aliens also spans generations. Sixty percent of those in the boomer generation or older support the mass deportation of illegals, as do 53 percent of Gen X and nearly half — 48 percent — of Millennials. Perhaps most surprisingly, over a third — 35 percent — of Gen Z also supports mass deportations.


We're apparently all racists now...

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