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Another Climate Folly: Carbon Capture and Storage


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American Thinker

I’ve been hearing a lot of commercials on my favorite local conservative radio station from BP about their Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects (CCUS for “underground” storage), so my natural curiosity got aroused and decided to investigate it.


The World Economic Forum reports: “While such technologies have been commercially available for decades, only 30 CCUS projects are currently in operation across the globe, according to the Global CCS Institute. Another 11 are in construction and 153 are in development (in 2022 alone, 61 new CCUS projects were initiated).”

What is CCS/CCUS? For now, these systems primarily operate on industries that emit CO2 as a byproduct of their operations. Per BP  “CO2 is captured from various sources -- either before it escapes into the atmosphere or directly from the air. The captured CO2 is compressed or liquefied and then transported, usually by pipeline. The CO2 is then safely stored permanently and securely thousands of feet underground -- this process is often called “sequestration.””


Simple, right? Almost like that “clean” electricity that comes out of your wall plug to power those “clean” EV’s doesn’t come from coal or natural gas. Just don’t look behind the curtain and you’ll maintain your delusion of living in the magical land of Oz.

Let’s break down CCS:


CO2 is a gas (but you knew that), and makes up about 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen comprises around 21%, with nitrogen, argon, and other random gasses making up most of the other 78%.:snip:

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