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Democrats Have Deliberately Shattered The Ties Binding America


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American Thinker

There has never been a more dangerous time in the world than right now. Moreover, great empires can end quickly, as the Soviet Union’s abrupt collapse showed. The lesson we should take away from this monumental historical moment is that nothing is assured and countries must be held together by more than the brute force of government power. In America, under Democrat leadership, we are intentionally splinter ourselves along artificially created fault lines, whether cultural or financial. That must change if we are to survive.


We Americans require leaders who can communicate a simple, understandable, and compelling message that strikes at the heart of our primary divisions and challenges us, much as President Kennedy did in his famous “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You “speech. Our leaders must stop pandering to the partisan interests that are so prevalent today.

Our country is shot through with millions of people who do not wish our nation well or, even worse, do not understand what is in their best interest or that of the country. With shouts of “Death to America“ echoing on American campuses, we can no longer be patient with those elements that seek to destroy us and show no loyalty to their mother country.


Rampant illegal immigration also destroys American cohesion. A gold rush is going on, with illegal immigrants rushing to stake a claim before the border closes. Many, if not most, of the people coming here, have no interest or understanding of what it means to be an American and the responsibilities that go with it. They come here for the freebies. Dedication to the rule of law is an afterthought or goes out the window entirely when they storm our borders with no thought of doing it the right way. It is all downhill from there.:snip:

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