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The Skinny on SCOTUS (2023 Term - April - Part 2)


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In an effort to provide a brief overview of Supreme Court decisions, several of which are likely to be fairly consequential, I've been catching us up on the 18 opinions handed down thus far for the 2023 term. And, for those keeping track of these sorts of things, of those 18, 15 have been 9-0/unanimous decisions. Of the three dissents thus far, two were along party lines, one was not. 

As indicated previously, there are roughly 40 more decisions anticipated for the term, so we've got a long way to go. If you're one of those folks who's interested in what SCOTUS is up to but don't have the time (or mental energy) to read and digest each opinion as it's handed down, then hopefully, you'll find this little endeavor of assistance. :snip:

The Skinny on SCOTUS (2023 Term - April - Part 1)

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