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Donald Trump Suffers Huge Vote Against Him in Pennsylvania Primary


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Donald Trump suffered a blow in the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, as tens of thousands of Republicans refused to vote for him despite being the presumptive GOP nominee.

The former president won the primary race in the key swing state with 83.5 percent of the vote, amounting to more than 786,000 votes.

However, Nikki Haley, who ended her campaign for the White House after Super Tuesday in March, still received 16.5 percent of the vote, equating to more than 155,000 ballots.

Trump has dominated the Republican primary, and won enough delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination in March after victories in Georgia, Mississippi and Washington state.

However, there have been signs that Trump is still struggling to garner support from more moderate and independent voters who could be key in the general election against President Joe Biden, especially in the swing state of Pennsylvania.:snip:

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State of the Race

Steven Haywad

Apr. 24 2024

It is tempting to suggest that the best of all worlds is for Trump to be tied down in the courtroom, where he can’t let fly with one of his frequent provocations, while Joe Biden gets out and campaigns more, reminding Americans that he is a doddering fool.

The big story last week was that Biden is the comeback kid! The polls have closed, with some putting Biden back in the lead! It was that boffo State of the Union speech what did it, along with Trump’s ongoing legal troubles and the Arizona Supreme Court opinion supposedly establishing the Handmaid’s Tale as the law of the desert land.

But today Bloomberg reports its latest poll, showing Trump going back into a statistically significant lead (49 – 43 nationally), especially in the crucial swing states:



Trump Is In Trouble...Biden is In Trouble...No Trump Is...Biden is Doomed. Pick your story any given day. Can we say Lazy Reporters?

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