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Is Biden About To Declare Himself Climate Dictator?


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Late last week, Bloomberg reported that “White House officials are weighing whether to declare a national climate emergency several months out from the 2024 election.”

Bloomberg goes on to report that:

White House advisers are divided over the idea of declaring a climate emergency, with some saying it wouldn’t provide Biden with enough newfound authority to make substantial changes, the people said. Others, however, argue such an announcement would galvanize climate-minded voters.

Read that again. Inside the White House, the only reason being given for not declaring an emergency is that it wouldn’t give Biden enough dictatorial powers.


That’s a stunning admission from an administration that is supposedly devoted to “protecting democracy.”

Let’s leave aside the entirely fatuous notion that there is anything even remotely constituting a climate “emergency.” What would be the basis for such a declaration? The number of hurricanes, fires, floods? None of these has been trending upward. Death rates from natural disasters are a tiny fraction of what they were 60 years ago, and lower than they were 20 years ago. Food production is way up.

But Biden has already used the “climate crisis” as an excuse to impose a draconian electric vehicle mandate on the country, attack a host of household appliances, pour billions into “clean energy” scams, and more.

As Bloomberg notes, declaring a climate emergency “could enable the president to halt or limit crude exports for at least a year at a time, suspend offshore drilling, and throttle the movement of oil and gas on pipelines, ships, and trains.”

Apparently all that is not enough “newfound authority” for Biden’s minions.:snip:

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Ford Reports Staggering Loss On Every Electric Vehicle It Sold
Daily Wire News
Apr 27, 2024

Ford Motor Company revealed this week that it lost more than a hundred thousand dollars for every electric vehicle that it sold during the first quarter.

Ford’s electric vehicle unit reported a $1.3 billion loss, amounting to a $132,000 loss per electric vehicle sold during the first three months of the year, CNN reported.


Ford said that it expects its electric vehicle division to lose $5 billion this year, an increase of $300 million from the $4.7 billion loss that it suffered last year.



Bold Me

BTW if you own any Tesla stock..SELL NOW!

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