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The Washington Post’s 2,600-Word Love Letter to a Drag Queen


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Daily Signal

Anyone who reads The Washington Post regularly knows that, in its view, the LGBTQ community can do no wrong, that there’s no wretched excess that the fringe elements of that special-interest group can engage in that the Post won’t defend—no matter how flamboyant, distasteful, or outrageous.

To the contrary, the Post is more likely than not to showcase, glamorize, and even glorify it. But it surely outdid itself Sunday by devoting four full pages in the print edition of its “Arts & Style” section to a gushing—even sycophantic—biographical profile of a drag queen who goes by the stage name of “Sasha Velour.” The article was arguably even more hagiographic than “RBG,” the 2018 biopic of the late left-wing icon, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Writer Maura Judkis’ profile, “Sasha Velour Sashays Into the Culture Wars,” is so self-indulgently long that if you listen to the online version of it being read, it says it will take a full 16 minutes.

We’re informed that in the gaudy, ostentatious world of drag queens, Velour—“dressed in head-to-toe silver, looking like an art deco skyscraper, with red lips, contoured cheeks, and catlike eyeliner”—occupies a niche of fame (or notoriety) second only to RuPaul.


The print article runs a whopping 2,600 words, which is only about 45 words shorter than a personal profile of a very different sort that we at The Daily Signal published—coincidentally—also on Sunday. That profile was about an 88-year-old survivor of a World War II-era Yugoslavian death camp who is currently facing prosecution—many would call it persecution—by the Biden Justice Department for her activism on behalf of the unborn.:snip:



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