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Five West Virginia middle school girls refuse to compete against trans competitor in shot put


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The Post Millennial

"It's a sad day when 13-14yr old girls have to be the adults in the room."
Sara Higdon
Apr 20, 2024

On Thursday, five middle school female athletes in West Virginia staged a "step out" protest and refused to compete against a trans-identified male in the shot put event. 


According to Outkick, the protest was conducted at the 2024 Harrison County Middle School Championships by girls on the Bridgeport Middle School girls' track and field team. 

the protest came just two days after the United States Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that West Virginia state law banning males in female sports could not be enforced in regard to 13-year-old trans athlete Becky Pepper-Jackson, who they were competing against that day. 



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Apr 19, 2024

Megyn Kelly is joined by Alex Clark, host of "The Spillover," and Mary Morgan, host of "Pop Culture Crisis," to discuss how young girls and women must fight back over radical gender ideology, campus degeneracy that has become a norm, and more.

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Apr 22, 2024

Megyn Kelly is joined by Emily Jashinsky, host of "The Federalist Radio Hour," and Eliana Johnson, editor of the Washington Free Beacon, to discuss the Biden Administration's new Title IX rules that will hurt biological girls and women, biological men in women's bathrooms at schools now national policy in America, and more.

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 Middle schoolers who protested trans athlete’s participation are banned from future competitions
Isabel Keane
April 30, 2024

Five West Virginia middle schoolers who protested a transgender athlete’s participation in a track and field competition have been barred from future meets — prompting the state attorney general to ask the US Supreme Court to weigh in on transgender student-athlete bans for a second time.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed a lawsuit against the Harrison County Board of Education on the dissenting students’ behalf after they were blocked from upcoming meets following their protests at the April 18 shot put competition, West Virginia Watch reported.

Five girls from Lincoln Middle School stepped up to the circle for their turn before refusing to throw in the event, which was won by Becky Pepper-Jackson, a 13-year-old girl who takes puberty-blocking medication and estrogen hormone therapy.

While West Virginia law bans transgender girls from playing on girls’ sports teams, a recent federal appeals court ruled that the law couldn’t lawfully be applied to the eighth-grader.



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