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CBS Trashed For Cutting To Local News During Iconic Billy Joel Performance


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The Daily Wire

"Evidently, CBS was no longer in the mood for a melody"
Virginia Kruta
Apr 15, 2024

CBS News took a social media beating on Sunday night after a timing error caused affiliates in two time zones to cut off the broadcast of a concert special — right in the middle of Billy Joel’s iconic hit “Piano Man.”

The network had been touting the Sunday night broadcast of “The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden – The Greatest Arena Run of All Time” for weeks, and viewers quickly took their dismay to X as the highly-anticipated event ended in disappointment.

“Hey @CBS wtf is this?! You cut off @billyjoel during Pianoman of all songs?! And then didn’t come back to it?!?! Now wonder network TV is a mess. Not ballin, not ballin at all,” the X account for “The Gunz Show” posted.





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