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Joe Biden lies and lies and lies because he’s never had to pay any price


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NY Post

Joe Biden learned his lesson long ago: Lying works — and he’s too old to un-learn it now that it doesn’t.

That’s why he fibs so often, on every imaginable subject. 

Just Monday he trotted out an old fave — that he was the first in his family to go to college — at a speech in Wisconsin announcing his massive new student-debt vote-buying plan

It’s patently untrue.

His maternal grandfather Ambrose Finnegan attended Santa Clara University, his own dad spent a year at Johns Hopkins, and the prez has previously admitted it’s bunk. 


He got called out for it during his first presidential run, nearly four decades ago (that’s the campaign that collapsed after he falsely claimed to descend from a long line of coal miners). 

Yet he pathologically retold the lie in a speech announcing a multibillion-dollar giveaway to blue voters, when he had literally zero need to sell the concept with “I’m a working stiff from Scranton” kitsch anecdotes.

Other favorites include his fabricated tale of getting arrested for trying to see South African political leader Nelson Mandela, his insane claim he was at Ground Zero the day after 9/11, and the borderline slander about how the driver who tragically killed his daughter and first wife in a 1972 car crash “drank his lunch.”

And it’s not just personal history: He lies on policy, too. 

What else is Bidenomics, if not a lie brazenly told, retold, and told yet again by the president, his flunkeys, and their media lapdogs?

Despite the irrefutable evidence that prices are higher and average Americans are suffering, the White House declared victory on the economic front and tried to make it the centerpiece of Biden’s re-election campaign; no doubt Joe’s still furious that his staff couldn’t make it fly. 

Worse, amid Israel’s justified and humane counterattack against Hamas, he invented a canard about the Jewish state’s “indiscriminate bombing” and debuted it at a big-ticket fundraiser to the delight of Hamas and its fifth-column thugs around the globe. :snip:

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President Biden twice implied Wednesday that his uncle Ambrose Finnegan was eaten by cannibals in New Guinea after his plane crashed during World War II — even though military records show that the aircraft plunged into the Pacific.

“He got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals at the time,” Biden initially told reporters after visiting a war memorial that bears his uncle’s name in Scranton, Pa.

“They never recovered his body, but the government went back when I went down there and they checked and found some parts of the plane.”:snip:

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In Scranton, Joe Biden Made a Lot of False Claims


I was surprised to see a fact check at CNN pointing out all of the false claims Joe Biden made during his recent campaign swing through Pennsylvania. One of those bogus claims, about his uncle being eaten by cannibals, got a lot of attention. But there were quite a few more mundane claims that also deserve a look.


For instance, in a speech he gave in Scranton, Biden claimed that no one making under $400,000 a year would pay more in taxes. He added, "I hope you’re all able to make $400,000. I never did." Um, well, someone might want to inform Joe that the president's salary is $400,000 a year. Also, Joe had some big years while he was out of office, thanks mostly to book sales. In 2017, he and his wife made $11 million. Did he forget?

He also made a claim about prescription drug spending which had to be corrected.:snip:

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Biden's Latest Despicable Falsehood About Trump Shows Reckless Disregard for the Truth

Joe Biden has told a lot of lies over his time in office. 

But what sets him apart from politicians before him is the shamelessness with which he tells falsehoods—that even after the stories are roundly debunked, he continues to tell the same false story without any concern for reality. 

Just to show the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, his campaign account is the same way. Yes, all campaign accounts pump their candidates, but this account also has little regard for the truth. 

Both tag-teamed to spread a provable falsehood on Tuesday. 

"Don’t inject bleach. And don’t vote for the guy who told you to inject bleach," Biden (or the person in charge of his account said). The campaign account said, '"Four years ago today, Trump told Americans to inject bleach on national television."

Except the video they use for their claim doesn't back that up — because former President Donald Trump never said it. It's one of those false stories that the left and some in the media have spread for years despite it not being true and being debunked. :snip:

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Biden, 81, is blasted by CNN for repeating lie that he used to drive an 18-wheeler...after spending one night as passenger in cargo truck in 1973

President Joe Biden repeated a lie he's told in the past about having driven an 18-wheeler truck at a speech in Florida Tuesday. 

At 81, the oldest president in American history, Biden has remained a gaffe machine throughout his presidency, often re-telling lies about his biography that have been repeatedly debunked, even by mainstream outlets.

At Hillsborough Community College in Tampa Bay on Tuesday, Biden claimed to have driven a big rig.


I used to drive an 18-wheeler,' he said, as he attempted to discuss how he'd negotiated pensions for labor unions.:snip:

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Biden Famously Lied About Being Arrested in South Africa. His Use of Taxpayer Dollars on the Trip Also Brought Scrutiny, Documents Show.

Today, Joe Biden’s 1976 Africa junket is best remembered as the scene for the president’s discredited claim that he was arrested "on the streets of Soweto" in apartheid South Africa when trying to see civil rights leader Nelson Mandela.

At the time, though, the trip generated scrutiny for another reason—Biden’s use of federal funds, and the decision to have his brother tag along in lieu of staff. Biden’s political rivals claimed the trip highlighted the senator’s corrupt tendencies. The trip even drew the eyes of the State Department, where Henry Kissinger spent his last day as secretary combing over Biden’s receipts, previously unreported State Department cables show.:snip:

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Biden Loses to the Teleprompter Trying to Spell a Word, and Tells a Whopper About Walmart

:snip:Biden claimed that Walmart had "opened a new store" and was going to be charging "for all the products they had" the "same exact price that they charged before the pandemic." 

Yeah, no, I don't know what he's talking about here. Neither do any of the Walmart folks I spoke to at my local Walmart. What he may mean is that in March the Walmart president and CEO said that some products would be lower than a year ago, but also that some would be higher. I think basically saying that some things would be less than they were at the highest cusp of inflation. He certainly didn't say what Biden said about rolling back prices to pre-pandemic prices, so once again Biden seems to have been spreading a lot of malarkey. He wants credit for some prices coming down not because of him, but no blame for the fact that they went up because of him. 

But that's Biden -- nothing he says is trustworthy because of how much he lies and just fantasizes. 


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Biden Does It Again, Adds ‘Number Of Years’ To Actual Time As Penn Law ‘Professor’


President Joe Biden crashed first lady Jill Biden's Teachers of the Year State Dinner, where the White House wined and dined top educators and teachers' union leaders. 

Stopping by the dinner wasn't on the president's public schedule, but shortly after landing in Marine One on the South Lawn after a day trip to North Carolina, Biden had joined the East Room guests. 

The president uttered his favorite line - 'I'm Jill Biden's husband' - and then tried to convince the crowed he belonged there too. 

By the way I actually taught for a number of years in law school and then I was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania,' he said. 'You don't applaud that?' he said when the roomful of teachers didn't immediately clap. 

Dr. Biden had invited the National Teacher of the Year, Missy Testerman of Tennessee, and the top teachers from every state and territory, as well as Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, and Becky Pringle, the president of the National Education Association. :snip:

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Joe Biden Can't Get His Green Bay Packers Story Straight


"I went to a Catholic high school in Delaware taught by the Norbertines priest from St. Norbert College…[mumbles]…little town, little team called Green Bay," Biden told an audience. 

"Now, here's the deal," he continued, "we were the only high school in Delaware who overwhelmingly rooted for Green Bay. [Crowd laughs]. Not a joke, I'll tell you why: Every single Sunday. Not only did they have great teams at the time, still do, but not only that, my theology professor at the Catholic school I went to was a guy named Riley. Last name. And he had been drafted by the Green Bay Packers." 


Oh boy, here we go, a great story! Give it to us! 

"He decided to become a priest before that, so he didn't go, but every single solitary Monday that Green Bay won, we got the last period of the day off." 

Helluva story, Joe. 

But…..is it true?

According to Milwaukee radio station WTMJ, Biden told a different story in 2011 about why he roots for the Packers. 

"I went to a Catholic boys school in Claymont, Delaware, taught by an order of priests called the Norbertines," Biden told radio host John Mercure at the time. "The Norbertines had their Abbey house in DePere.

"Every Sunday the Packers won, the headmaster ... Father Justin E. Diny would get on PA system and say, 'Gentlemen no last period today.'

"He made everyone of us Packers fans. Besides I'm fearful I'll go to hell if I don't root for the Packers. Father Diny may come back. I can't go against Father Diny. He'll come out of his grave if he knew I was rooting for anybody else."


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 During a portion of an interview with CNN set to air on Wednesday’s broadcast of “OutFront” that was aired on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Lead,” President Joe Biden stated that no one has ever “had the run we’ve had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was 9% when I came into office, 9%.” But people are right to be concerned about greed from corporations.


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Joe Biden lies and lies and lies because he’s never had to pay any price

I mean it is a Given that a politician is going To Lie Spin. Grand Pa takes it to a whole new level. Thing is he may actually believe  these things.

Also very few politicians ever do Pay The Price.  :(

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Biden tells a lie a minute during CNN interview

The White House rarely allows President Biden to sit down for interviews, and Wednesday’s chat with CNN’s Erin Burnett shows why.

In a brief 17 minutes, Biden told 15 lies — nearly a lie a minute.

From whoppers about the economy to prevarications on Israel, Biden spun a Fantasyland of a presidency that voters know is false.:snip:

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Another Day, Another Biden Whopper - but This One Is Truly Shameless



"President Biden


On my watch, when we make promises, we keep them.

And we leave no one behind."


:snip:Not only does he not "keep promises," but he willfully breaks them and then lies about them. 

He very famously did leave Americans behind when he botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan after he had promised to get them out. He also lied about how many were actually left behind, downplaying the number. Not to mention all the thousands of allies to whom we had an obligation that he just left behind to be tortured and killed by the Taliban. That told any of our allies that we wouldn't stand by them when push comes to shove, because he showed them he can't be trusted.


Then there are the American hostages currently being held by Hamas. Biden is hamstringing Israel's effort to take out the terrorists by stopping arms aid, and talks about the aid for people in Gaza more than he does about these hostages. This is why they are still being held because he keeps emboldening Hamas with his actions. And the reason he's doing it is despicable: votes from the far left and places like Michigan where he thinks he needs to win to hold onto power. :snip:

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Is This Biden’s ‘Supermarket Scanner’ Moment?


In a softball interview this week, CNN’s Erin Burnett let Biden carry on — uninterrupted — with his usual litany of lies.

  • That he created 15 million jobs (there’ve been less than 6 million net new jobs under Biden – about equal to Trump’s over the same period).
  • That Trump told people to inject bleach (a claim repeatedly debunked by fact-checkers).
  • That a million people died from COVID on Trump’s watch (fewer than 470,000 had died when Biden took office; more than 720,000 have died since).
  • That “we have got 1,000 billionaires in America. You know what their average federal tax is? Eight-point-three percent” (a completely made-up number that we wrote about here).
  • That “when I started this administration, people were saying there’s going to be a collapse of the economy” (nobody but Biden was saying that).
  • :snip:
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