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Saving a Remnant


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Saving a Remnant

By Clyde Wilson April 9, 2024

Nothing is more indicative of the ongoing degradation of American  culture than the fate of the once noble Commonwealth of Virginia—not long ago widely admired as the mother of States and Presidents—inseparable from Patrick Henry, Washington, Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Lee and Jackson.

 Now shallow, opportunistic politicians ignorant of American foundations swarm in every Southern State. In Virginia they have gained unusual power from the effluvium of arrogant, overpaid bureaucrats swarming out of D.C. into their mini mansions poisoning the beautiful Virginia countryside. Monument Avenue, a National Historic Preservation site, has been destroyed.

 So it behooves us to remember how  Virginia was once regarded, and the movies, as always, are an indication of American popular culture.   The most recent good example I can find is a delightful 2004 film, “Crazy Like a Fox,” in which a traditional community resorts to unorthodox methods to prevent Yankee developers from destroying a historic plantation, home to the same family since Revolutionary times. The dishonest invaders are appropriately called Sherman. The Welsh actor Roger Rees plays the lead Virginian with perfect accent and demeanour. :snip: https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/saving-a-remnant/

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