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Democrats, liberals criticize ‘election deniers’ but face allegations of election irregularities


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Who is an "election denier?" Al Gore fought his loss all the way to the Supreme Court, and Hillary Clinton has publicly insisted that the election was "stolen" from her. Now, many Democrats have been accused of election irregularities by members of their own party.



While Democrats and liberals criticize Republicans, conservatives, and others who are concerned about election integrity, smearing them with the pejorative label “election deniers,” many allegations regarding election irregularities are now being made against Democrats. 


Since the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump and other Republicans have raised concerns about election irregularities and are often called “election deniers” by Democrats and the media. However, many Democrats have been accused or found guilty of election crimes, sometimes by members of their own party. 


In Arizona, several people have alleged that their signatures were forged on a petition for Michelle Martin, a Libertarian candidate running for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. The campaign employed nine signature gatherers for her campaign, two of whom are registered Democrats. Martin and several of the signature gatherers didn’t respond to The Arizona Republic’s requests for comment

Also in Arizona, both Democratic former San Luis mayor Guillermina Fuentes and San Luis vice mayor Gloria Torres pleaded guilty to participating in ballot harvesting in the July 2020 primary election. Fuentes was sentenced to 30 days in jail and Torres was sentenced to two years of supervised probation.:snip:

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