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Tariq speaks


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Apr. 9 2024

The IDF has released video of the highlights of its interrogation of Palestinian Islamic Jihad spokesman Tariq Salami Otha Abu Shoulf. As IDF Lt. Col. (reserve) Peter Lerner puts it, “In his interrogation he reveals in simple terms how they organize the mass manipulation of the media.” As we have all seen over the years, it’s not too difficult. The terrorists and their allies have had it worked out for some time.

Lt. Col. Lerner is frustrated that this video will not get the publicity it deserves. I am posting the video further to my point that the site formerly known as Twitter covers a lot of news that you won’t easily find anywhere else, if at all. Here is the text of Lerner’s comments in its entirety, followed by his tweet with the video:



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