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'This is Canada, not Gaza': Cops drag away conservative reporter for supposedly 'trespassing' in Toronto's public square


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The Blaze

Joseph MacKinnon
April 08, 2024

A Canadian reporter for one of the northern nation's only conservative media outfits was arrested Sunday and carted away for doing his job faithfully on public property.

Rebel News reporter David Menzies, who local and federal officials appear keen to shut up and lock away, confirmed to Blaze News that he was charged for alleged breach of the peace and trespassing for daring to pose questions to anti-Israel protesters outside Toronto City Hall.

Menzies indicated that he will be suing the Toronto Police Service over this incident just as he is suing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for a similarly rough arrest earlier this year.


Thousands of people gathered outside Toronto City Hall on Sunday for "6 Months in Hell," an event centered around demands for the release of those remaining Israeli captives who have suffered at the hands of Islamic terrorists since Hamas waged its unprovoked Oct. 7 attacks on the Jewish nation.

Footage of the event outside Toronto City Hall shows a peaceful crowd waving Canadian and Israeli flags at Nathan Phillips Square while various speakers take the stage, including Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre.



Apr 7, 2024 TORONTO

http://www.StandWithDavid.com | Ezra Levant from Rebel News interviews David Menzies moments after he was released from custody in Toronto. Toronto Police smashed David’s head when they arrested him.

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