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Biden Not Only Reason for Dems To Panic


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Real Clear Politics

One incident last week showed the dynamic of the 2024 presidential election campaign better than anything else yet, and what it reveals is that the Democrats have good reason to panic, and it has nothing to do with the obvious weakness of their candidate.

What matters even more is that the Republican Party is showing signs of waking up from its long uniparty slumber and recognizing that fighting back is the best way to win an election.

You saw elements of this renewed engagement last month when the new leadership of the GOP opted to partner with community activist Scott Presler to increase voter registration and legal ballot harvesting in battleground states. Presler, the co-founder of Gays for Trump, goes by the handle #ThePersistence on social media, and his support for Donald Trump and MAGA has seen him travel tirelessly in pursuit of every legal Republican vote he can find. Last month, he was registering members of the Amish community in Pennsylvania. Brilliant!

But it was Charlie Kirk’s campaign to change how Nebraska allocates its six electoral votes that brought into sharp focus how this is no longer Ronna Romney McDaniels’ Republican Party. Last week, Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, used his podcast to push for passage of legislation that would give all of the state’s electoral votes to the statewide winner in presidential elections. Currently, the state allocates some of its votes based on the winner in congressional districts, allowing Democrats to pick up one elector in the Omaha district despite Nebraska being a solidly red state overall.

Within hours after Kirk proposed the change, President Trump had endorsed it and more importantly, the Republican governor of Nebraska (Jim Pillen) had agreed to sign the bill if it made it to his desk.:snip:

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