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The dirty little secret of Biden’s economic resurgence


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American Thinker

In the midst of what has been touted as an economic resurgence under President Biden’s administration, a discerning examination from a conservative standpoint reveals a nuanced and, at times, troubling picture of whom this resurgence actually benefits.  While headlines may herald job creation and economic growth, a deeper analysis suggests that these gains are not uniformly felt across the American populace.


Instead, there is growing concern that policies purported to stimulate the economy are disproportionately advantageous to foreign-born illegal aliens over American citizens.

At the heart of this issue is the contention that the influx of illegal labor undermines the job market for American workers.  This is not just a matter of numbers, but a matter of the quality and stability of employment opportunities available to citizens.


The displacement effect, where Americans are edged out of opportunities or find their wages suppressed, is a real and palpable concern.  Such displacement is often justified under the guise of filling labor shortages or performing jobs Americans are unwilling to do, yet this overlooks the broader economic ramifications and the principle of fair and lawful entry into the job market.

Moreover, this scenario feeds into a larger cycle of economic distortion.  An increase in the labor supply, particularly through illegal immigration, can exert downward pressure on wages, especially in lower-skilled occupations.:snip:

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