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NBA Star Gives Jersey to October 7 Victim's Family. Enraged Fans Object.


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PJ Media

DeMar DeRozan is a six-time NBC all-star, a devoted family man, and a quiet, unassuming NBA superstar. When he heard in early January that Oron Beilin, one of the victims of the Hamas massacre of Jews at the Nova Music Festival on Oct. 7, was a huge Chicago Bulls fan, he autographed a special jersey for Beilin’s family with Oron’s name and the infinity symbol underneath.d49148a9-43e5-4542-9c25-7b467fd4395c.png.thumb.jpeg.1d6cff333ab981b32b4fc5a8e28d5dc3.jpeg


It was a simple, graceful act done without fanfare or press coverage. The gesture caught the attention of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which decided to honor DeRozan for his act of kindness. 

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is one of the most influential Jewish organizations in the world. Since its founding in 1977, it has been at the forefront of fighting anti-Semitism. It was a huge honor for the 34-year-old player, who has spent his career steering clear of political controversies.

But simply appearing at an event and saying a few words in front of a banner proclaiming “Solidarity with Israel” has caused a huge backlash by pro-Palestinian Twitter/X posters and others who have taken a non-political gesture by DeRozan completely out of context.

DeRozan doesn't want anything to do with the controversy.

 “My whole career, I’ve never gotten involved with the politics side of things,” DeRozan said. “That’s just never a thing that I’ve ever really touched on or spoke on. I went there for the reason I went there for. We’re all going through something as people, as a country, as a world that we’re all battling, that we’re all trying to figure out and trying to get through at the end of the day.”

The outcry against him was vicious.:snip:

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