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Oprah isn’t welcome anymore


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American Thinker

The day after the August 7th fire in Lahaina, Oprah Winfrey bought pillows and blankets at the War Memorial Stadium on Maui. The 1,000 people who sheltered there were grateful. They had escaped the fire with the clothes they were wearing.


Perhaps her largesse caused her to believe that gave her entree to those who were so devastated, not knowing where their family, friends, or even pets were. “Ohps,” as she is called by some residents, showed up two days later with a CBS camera crew intent on filming the misery of people living in tents. That unsuccessful attempt turned any previous goodwill against her.

When that debacle was followed by her promise that she and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, would start a $100 million campaign for Lahaina fire victims by each donating $5 million, things went from bad to worse. 

“Ohps” owns two houses, an airplane hanger, a private road, and 1,000 acres of land on Maui. 


She was accused of playing the victim and officially became persona non-grata and fled the island without donating any money, according to residents. Johnson donated his promised $5 million and also left the island. “Ohps” has still not returned to Maui and residents make it clear they don’t want her there.


The fire victims have yet to see any of the $150 million the state claimed it had in a fund. Four thousand people still have no permanent residence seven months after the fire and only sixty permits have been issued to allow people to start rebuilding their homes, although 2,200 houses were destroyed.:snip:

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