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Fani Willis faces more trouble ahead in Georgia election case


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The Washington Examiner

Ashley Oliver
April 5, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is staring down new hurdles despite surviving an effort by former President Donald Trump and others to disqualify her from their election interference case in Georgia.

A judge last month permitted Willis to stay on the case, but not before thoroughly admonishing her for failing to disclose a relationship she had with her lead prosecutor. Now, she is facing numerous other problems, including Trump’s appeal of that decision, a state legislative investigation, and a new allegation of misconduct by a defense attorney.

Trump and several co-defendants filed the appeal last week of Judge Scott McAfee’s decision not to disqualify Willis from the case. McAfee had found Willis displayed a “tremendous lapse in judgement” but said she could continue the prosecution so long as she fired Nathan Wade, with whom she had been romantically involved.

In Trump’s appeal, his attorneys argued McAfee made a “legal error” that required the Georgia Court of Appeals’s “immediate review.” The appellate court now has until early May to decide whether it will take up the matter.

The appellate court could reject Trump, and the case would then continue under McAfee’s watch. However, if it accepts the disqualification question, Willis will face a fresh set of challenges.


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