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JK Rowling dares police to arrest her for violating new 'hate crime' law protecting trans people: 'DELIBERATELY DEFIANT'


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The Blaze

Chris Enloe
April 01, 2024

Author J.K. Rowling dared Scottish police to arrest her on Monday after a new law on "hate crime" took effect in Scotland.

Passed in 2021, the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act broadens an existing law prohibiting the "stirring up of hatred," which was outlawed in the United Kingdom in 1986. But that law banned only acts that stirred up "racial hatred."

The new law, which only applies to Scotland, "introduces new offences for threatening or abusive behaviour which is intended to stir up hatred based on prejudice towards characteristics including age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity and variations in sex characteristics," according to the Scottish government.

In honor of the new law, Rowling, who lives in Scotland, posted a social media thread that seemingly violates the new law.


"For several years now, Scottish women have been pressured by their government and members of the police force to deny the evidence of their eyes and ears, repudiate biological facts and embrace a neo-religious concept of gender that is unprovable and untestable," Rowling said.

Ultimately, she warned that "freedom of speech and belief are at an end in Scotland if the accurate description of biological sex is deemed criminal."

Hours after Rowling's initial thread went viral, she responded to calls for an investigation into her comments.

"Totally agree. I have been DELIBERATELY DEFIANT, in spite of some random bloke’s advice. A full investigation MUST be mounted. #ArrestMe," she said.

"Also, visit Scotland, land of the free!" she mocked.


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Apr 2, 2024

Megyn Kelly begins the show with a reaction to the new Scottish law criminalizing anti-trans speech and claiming it is a "hate crime," the worldwide marginalization of biological women, whether this could happen in the United States, and more.

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Scottish First Minister Defends Hate Crime Law. Citizens Use It To Report Him.
Virginia Kruta
Apr 4, 2024

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf is a vocal proponent of his nation’s new hate crime law — which has placed “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling in the crosshairs — but that didn’t stop citizens from using its provisions to report him for hate speech.

According to the BBC, thousands of complaints had been made under the new law’s provisions — namely one aimed to stop people from “stirring up hatred” based on certain protected classes — within hours of it taking effect. The news outlet also reported that a large number of the complaints were against Yousaf himself, mostly relating to a 2020 speech he gave while serving as Justice Secretary.

In that speech, Yousaf complained about the number of white leaders across the nation of Scotland and advocated for more diversity in leadership roles — but he did so in a fashion that was widely criticized as “racist” and “anti-white.”


Most of Scotland is upset and offended by Yousaf’s bumbling incompetence and illiberal authoritarianism, but we aren’t lobbying to have him locked up for it.
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Apr 2, 2024 Garage Logic Videos

JK Rowling is the new patron saint of Garage Logic. New climate change movie attempts to set the record straight. The world's best moose story. Johnny Heidt with guitar news.

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