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BREAKING: OMG Infiltrates SECRET Converted Illegal Immigrant Compound CASA ALITAS Ramada Hotel


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Feb 7, 2024

BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Group infiltrates SECRET converted illegal immigrant compound CASA ALITAS Ramada Hotel in Tucson.

This secret operation is funded by Catholic Community Services of Tucson and enriches groups like, “Las Palmas.”

O’Keefe disguised himself as a homeless drunk vagrant and Mexican illegals wore hidden cameras to gain entrance inside. Ashley St. Clair and Nick Shirley caught on tape Police confirming refugees are “lying about sponsors.”


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Jun 3, 2024

James O'Keefe and OMG obtained body cam footage of Pima County Arizona sheriffs responding to their investigation at the secret converted illegal immigrant compound, Casa Alitas, a program funded by Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona. The footage reveals a security guard panicking over O'Keefe's microphone, with an officer affirming their right to record. Another worker, in a frenzy, complains about the team photographing migrants, prompting the officer to advise, “Stop freaking out and secure your stuff."

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