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Dems Torpedo GOP-Led $17.6 Billion Standalone Israel Aid Package


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It’s been a busy week for the House of Representatives, and it’s only Tuesday. Sunday night, a border security bill was unveiled by Senators who had been negotiating behind closed doors for months, but House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) quickly labeled the disastrous proposal DOA.


On Tuesday, the House unbelievably failed to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas by a vote of 214-216, despite his incredible record of failure at the border. 

But Tuesday wasn’t over for lawmakers—and in the evening, they voted down a $17.6 billion standalone Israel aid package—"standalone" meaning that it was not tied to Ukraine aid or anything else—as several Freedom Caucus Republicans joined Democrats to torpedo the measure.

Although the majority—240-180—voted for the package, a two-thirds "aye" vote was required due to procedural rules. Forty-six Democrats voted yes, but 166 gave it the thumbs down. Two hundred and four Republicans voted in favor, but 14 said "nay.":snip:

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