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What the Hell Is Going on in Maui After That Devastating Wildfire?


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It was quite the photo-op last August for Presidentish Joe Biden when he got lei'd in Maui for all the cameras in the wake of one of America's deadliest wildfires. But six months later, Biden is accused of neglecting its victims, somebody seems to be slow-walking the recovery process, and conspiracy theories are everywhere.


The worst hit was the town of Lahaina, where more than 100 people were killed, around 70 others injured, three remain missing, and countless buildings and homes were destroyed — more than 2,000. The fires spread quickly due to high winds and — this is where things got weird — civil defense sirens were never activated, despite Hawaii having the world's largest integrated outdoor siren warning system. There are more than 80 such sirens on Maui alone.

Here we are, six months later, and the victims of the Lahaina fire have more questions than answers — and more resentment than government assistance. 

Tuesday on TwitterX, Nick Sortor, a frequent government critic and sometimes Tucker Carlson guest, claimed that the Lahaina cleanup "literally just started roughly two weeks ago," and he wants to know why. He also posted:

There are at least 2100 properties charred from the fire 

They’re only clearing an average of 2 lots per weekday so far 

Only seven trucks are running cleanup

If so, that's a damning report on progress not made after six months. Perhaps even worse, Sortor claimed, "To top it off, even if your lot is cleared, you’re STILL not allowed to start rebuilding."

One factor in the delays might involve legal complications. The AP reported last year that without zoning changes, burned-out residents of Lahaina "might not be able to afford to live there after it is rebuilt.":snip:

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