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Nikki’s Lost Cause


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Nikki’s Lost Cause


 What happened in late December to Nikki Haley when she answered a question during a New Hampshire townhall about why the Civil War took place tells more about the state of this country than it does about Haley or the quality of her response. 

 “I think the cause of the Civil War was basically how government was going to run, the freedoms in what people could and couldn’t do,” she responded. “I mean, I think it always comes down to the role of government.”

 Haley was immediately attacked in the media and by her rivals for her failure to mention slavery in her response. One is no longer allowed to provide historical explanations that contradict the narratives of our media betters or their interpretations of reality; therefore, it might be best to read the gibberish on Wikipedia to learn the politically correct explanation for what’s been going on in the Western world for the last several centuries.

 If someone asks you in public about what caused the American Civil War, the now obligatory response is to bleed all over the floor about the evils of slavery and then rave against the white racists who inflicted this unprecedented inhumanity on hapless blacks. Anyone who fails to meet this PC test will be slammed, not only by the utterly partisan mainstream media, but also by the conservative establishment, which I’ve aptly described as “the late coming Left.”:snip: 

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