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The Hidden War On Christians | Fr. Kiely & Michael Knowles


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Mike's Tom MacDonald Reviews

In an eye-opening episode, Michael Knowles sits down with Fr. Kiely to shed light on a pressing issue often overlooked by mainstream media: 'The Hidden War On Christians Around the World.' This powerful interview delves into the harrowing stories of persecution that millions of Christians face globally, exploring the complexities and the resilience of faith under fire.

Fr. Kiely, a dedicated advocate for persecuted Christians, brings to the forefront the struggles and injustices faced by believers in various corners of the world. From the Middle East to Africa, from Asia to Latin America, this conversation uncovers the trials and tribulations of those who endure oppression for their faith.

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And of course the Idiots show up 

Why do Catholics call another man Father, other than their birth father, when the Bible speaks against that? Also why do people worship Mary and pray to the Saints? We are suppose to only pray to God. And my final question is why do Catholics rely on the Pope and Priest's to forgive them on behalf of God when Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life? Jesus IS our direct access to the Father so why do they go to an earthly man to have their sins forgiven? Just because tradition has been passed down for centuries doesn't mean it's correct. So besides what the Roman Church had started why would you do these things? It seems it's only man made traditions. I would go as far as to say a lot of what Catholics do go against the Bible itself. But theu view their tradition as more important. I don't understand and no one has been able to explain this to me without mentioning tradition as their main reasoning
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