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17 Crazy Facts about the History of Chocolate


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The Collector

One of the most beloved products in the modern world, chocolate is chock-full of interesting facts and stories!

Chocolate is one of the most beloved products in the entire world. Its journey from a bitter, frothy beverage in Mesoamerica to the slabs of chocolate found in supermarkets everywhere is a story that spans thousands of years.

 Those millennia have also taken chocolate through surprising twists and turns, sparking interest among historians, confectioners, and anybody else who loves chocolate!

 The history of chocolate is indeed a fascinating one. Here are 17 facts about chocolate and its history.

 1. Chocolate was Consumed Many Millennia Ago

The first instances of chocolate being consumed go back as far as 4,000 years. Some estimates put this date further back to 5,300 years ago. People native to Mesoamerica harvested chocolate pods from high up in cacao trees growing in the wild. It is thought that the pulp was eaten rather than the seeds. The pulp is sweet, whereas the seeds are incredibly bitter.

2. Chocolate was Drunk as a Frothy Brew

The earliest record of chocolate being consumed was as a frothy brew. There is no record of the recipes that were used, but it is assumed it was alcoholic in nature. It was used by the Olmecs, who passed on their knowledge of chocolate to the Mayans who came after. The Mayans often drank their chocolate with honey and chili.:snip:

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CAKE by N.Owens
Chocolate cake, so rich and divine
A treat that's perfect for any time
With layers of moist and fluffy cake
And chocolate frosting, oh so great
The aroma wafts through the air
Inviting you to take a share
A forkful melts in your mouth
A taste you'll never want to douse
Dark, milk or white, it doesn't matter
Chocolate cake is always the winner
A celebration, a birthday, or just because
It's a dessert that never needs an excuse
So here's to chocolate cake, oh so sweet
A delicious treat that can't be beat
A bite of heaven, a slice of bliss
Chocolate cake, you're the ultimate treat



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3 hours ago, Valin said:


Fine, if your going to force me to have that with the above mentioned salad I will :P

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